NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – A Newport News substitute judge and lawyer pleaded guilty to two counts of tax fraud charges.

Nosuk Kim served on the bench as a substitute judge before resigning July 1st2022 and served previously on a state disciplinary committee for the Virginia State Bar, according to court officials.

The News 3 Investigative Team has been digging into the background of Nosuk Kim.

Her husband and business owner, Beyung Kim, was sentenced last August for his role in an elaborate scheme that wrongly awarded his company I-Tek millions of dollars in government contracts.

Federal prosecutors say Beyung Kim was sentenced to 58 months in prison, and his four employees were sentenced to a combined 93 months.

Court documents state that I-Tek got $7 million in government contracts that were supposed to be for disabled veterans and required items to be made in America. The group supplied

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The mother of slain Chicago officer Ella French received a round of applause Tuesday morning during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on law enforcement officer safety.

Two brothers, 22-year-old Eric Morgan and 21-year-old Monty “Emonte” Morgan, are accused of fatally shooting French, who was 29 at the time of her death, while she was conducting a traffic stop in August 2021.

“Officer Ella French is remembered for her beloved and profound generosity and her passion for service,” Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said during the hearing. “My wife and I went down to St. Rita Chapel to join in the memorial service. We have never seen an outpouring of grief like we saw that day. We joined hundreds, maybe thousands, of mourners that were there. Ella’s mother, Elizabeth French, is here with us today. I want to thank her personally

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The state — amid a series of high-profile mass shootings that have spurred a national conversation on gun ownership — has passed multiple new measures this month, including allowing for gun violence victims to file civil suits against companies that manufacture the firearms used in crimes.
One of the eight laws signed on Thursday includes a 10-year prohibition on gun possession if someone is convicted of child abuse or elder abuse, according to a news release from the governor’s office.
California governor signs law allowing gun violence victims to sue firearm manufacturers for damages

Another law now requires schools to share information on child access prevention laws and safe firearm storage, as well as mandated reporting to law enforcement of any threat or perceived threat of a homicidal act.

“California has the toughest gun safety laws in the nation, but none of us can afford to be

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Crime and insecurity have increased globally for many reasons. Some of these incidences include rape cases, murder, personal injury, theft, and burglary. News platforms are always reporting major cases worldwide regarding crimes. The culprits and suspects in such instances can get the services of a criminal defense attorney Daytona Beach based to acquire proper representation in court. Nevertheless, you must understand what such a lawyer does when processing a crime scene. The following steps show the responsibilities of an advocate in crime scene processing.

Scene Security

Collecting evidence is critical, but people can tamper with it if the scene is not secured. It is a lawyer’s responsibility to ensure the scene is safe from any intruders or individuals with bad intentions. An attorney can secure the area through police officers or contracting a security company.

Scene Sketching

This step is critical because it helps investigators recreate the scene to develop …

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Employment LawYou possibly can come into battle together with your worker or employer in various situations. Beneath the Indonesian Firm Legislation, a company must inform its staff not less than 30 days earlier than acquisition to offer them and associated parties an opportunity to convey complaints in the event that they suppose that the sale will drawback them. There are no sanctions for failing to take action beneath the prevailing laws.

In the United Kingdom, similar proposals were drawn up, and a command paper produced named the Bullock Report (Industrial democracy) was launched in 1977 by the James Callaghan Labour Occasion authorities. Unions would have immediately elected half of the board. An “impartial” ingredient would also be added. However, the proposal was not enacted. The European Commission provided proposals for worker participation in the “fifth company law directive”, which was also not implemented.

Employment Law contains health insurance that benefits staff …

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