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ALI Elects New Members

ALI Elects New Members

The American Law Institute has elected new members who will bring their expertise to ALI’s work of clarifying the law through Restatements, Principles, and Model Codes.

“As 2022 comes to a close, I am pleased to welcome our final group of new ALI members,” said ALI President David F. Levi. “In 2023, ALI will celebrate its 100th anniversary. We are moving into our second century at a time when the United States is divided on many issues and many Americans are skeptical of all institutions, including our courts and legal system. This makes our work all the more important, and our new members are essential to that work. It is only through the efforts of our talented, diverse and dedicated membership body that we can continue our work protecting and preserving the rule of law. I look forward to our new members joining us in our mission as we look ahead to our second century.”

Visit the Newly Elected Members Page to view biographical sketches of the new members.

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