Is There a CPS Case That is Ruthlessly Toughing You Down? Divorce Attorneys in Fort Worth are Here For Your Rescue

The Truth is, there is nothing as valuable as offspring in any living thing, without a doubt. Even the wildest animals have parental love nature of taking care of their offspring. Are you a fan of watching NatGeo, or maybe you aren’t? You may more or less agree with the fact that most animals are always fiercely ready to face anyone or anything threatening to take their infants away.

The exact nature applies to us humans. Suppose CPS has called you today regarding your kids giving you a court order; the authorities are on their way to pick up your kids and take them away because of a false accusation filed against you by your spouse? Where will you start? The level of confusion in your head at the moment will be overwhelming. Working with an attorney experienced in the civil service and the complex laws that apply to CPS cases can be a game-changer in protecting your rights and serving the child’s best interest.

That said, where do you start?

Develop A Defense Against CPS

Having a reliable and trustworthy lawyer to help you through the case is a no-brainer. Experienced divorce attorneys in Fort Worth are there for you to address each issue cautiously and diligently and help you win back your child or children custody.

Why Divorce Attorneys In Fort Worth

Child protective services In Fort Worth offer you skilled and highly experienced lawyers who will always ensure that your constitutional rights to the care and custody of your children are not violated by the government or an individual whatsoever.

It’s one of the worst labels a parent can bear: unfit. As parents, we all do our best. It may be so upsetting when someone implies we aren’t doing enough. You know what we’re talking about if you’re the subject of a child protective services (CPS) investigation. A CPS investigation may be life-changing if they attempt to take your children away. You may believe that the odds are stacked against you. However, this is not required.

Unfortunately, it’s too common to end yourself on the wrong side of a CPS inquiry. A CPS inquiry sometimes coincides with an accusation that a crime was committed against your kid by someone other than you, such as a spouse or significant other. In that case, you might be charged with “failure to protect.” Even if you believe you are innocent of any crime, you must treat the situation seriously.

The objective of a child protection procedure is ostensibly to safeguard the children rather than to punish the parent, though it can feel that way. While most CPS employees are typically beautiful people who wish to protect children, they can be excessive at times. CPS investigations have shown that keeping dirty dishes in the sink counts as a strike against a parent. Yikes. We’re not trying to frighten you. We want you to be cautious of what you may be up against.

Are you facing a CPS case today? Don’t go through the emotional trauma alone. Divorce Attorneys In Fort Worth, led by the Law Office of William D. Pruett, offer a very accomplished and well-known Fort Worth attorney, William (Bill) D. Pruett, who has represented clients from many walks of life across Tarrant and Johnson Counties. 

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