No-Code Legal Automation Platform Josef Raises $3.5M to Fuel Further U.S. and In-House Expansion

Josef, an Australia-based, no-code software platform that enables legal professionals to automate common tasks, today said it has raised AU$5.2 million, or approximately $3.5 million in U.S. dollars, which it says it will use to further bolster its presence among enterprise customers. 

The company previously raised $2.5 million in 2021 and a seed round of $1 million in 2019.

“We’ll be using the new funds to further expand our U.S. presence and to reach more in-house legal teams, cementing our role as the infrastructure layer on which the future of automated legal service delivery is being built,” CEO Tom Dreyfus told me in an email.

This latest funding round was led by OIF Ventures, with participation from Carthona Capital, Flying Fox Ventures, Jelix Ventures and Saniel Ventures.

Josef was founded in Australia in 2017 by two lawyers, CEO Dreyfus and COO Sam Flynn, and engineer Kirill Kliavin, now CTO. (Kliavin, Dreyfus and Flynn pictured left to right above.)

The company is named for Josef K., the protagonist in Franz Kafka’s 1925 novel The Trial.

Its software enables legal professionals to easily build digital tools that automate their day-to-day work, from streamlining intake, to drafting contracts, to providing advice.

Users can automate document drafting, build bots to handle client interviews, triage paperwork or execute NDAs and generate personalized documents, from letters to contracts.

Its customers include such law firms as Gunderson Dettmer, Clifford Chance and MinterEllison. In-house customers include Nutanix, CoreLogic, Bupa, and Who Gives A Crap.

In a statement, the company said it will also use the new funds to expand its reach globally through several new hires in the U.S. and APAC, following its launches last year in North America and Europe.

“Josef is no longer just about helping legal practitioners improve their effectiveness and efficiency through technology, although this is still a core part of our offering,” Dreyfus said. “We’re an innovation partner helping the sector automate the nitty gritty so that teams can better assist the people they serve.

“While we’ve always focused on solving problems for both in-house teams and law firms, we’re now in a position to help the millions of corporate legal teams globally do better. Whether this be helping address unmet justice needs or streamlining operations so that the work that really makes a difference can be prioritized, we’ve created a simple but impactful automation platform that anyone in the legal trade can use.”

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