Through the FCIL Lens: Guatemala, Western Sahara, Kenya, Taiwan and Marshall Islands

By Marcelo Rodríguez

During this academic semester, I have told my students several times, whatever situations, phenomena or topics you choose for your research and countries/jurisdictions or institutions for your comparative legal research, please always keep in mind that they are not frozen in time. Perhaps for the purpose of your research, you might have chosen a particular period of time as a very specific boundary for your research project. However, I’d argue that current developments within a jurisdiction may have some major impact in delineated historical or previous events in terms of our understanding and analysis of those same events and phenomena. This does not mean we shouldn’t strive for specific time frames in research. It just means that a good grasp of current events related to the research topic, institutions and jurisdictions of your choice is crucial no matter the time frame you have selected for your research.

In this post, I will feature five current situations in several flashpoints around the world over the month of August 2022. As in previous posts, these summaries aim to be descriptive, introductory, and to provide a stepping stone for further research. Each summary also includes at least three important secondary sources. The jurisdictions I have chosen for this post are Guatemala, Western Sahara, Kenya, Taiwan and Marshall Islands.

Upside Down Map
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